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The Rotary Club of Worcester Wychavon was one of five Rotary Clubs that meet in Worcester. Our members were drawn from the city and surrounding area. It was founded in October 1990, and as a chartered club, was part of Rotary International.

Now it is with the greatest regret that the Club has decided to disband. The final meeting took place on Tuesday, 27th June, at the end of the Rotary Year, when members, past and present, celebrated the Club's proud history.

The decision was reached because membership had  reduced to the extent that our ability to continue to organise, produce and participate in charitable events was severely compromised. Despite repeated attempts over a number of years, it has not been possible to attract new members.

Over the 26 years that the Club has existed, it has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities, and been involved with other Clubs in joint ventures. All members, past and present can be very proud of the Club's record.

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The President’s Jewels.

Each Rotary Club possesses these. The bars name the current and past Presidents of the Club. The design of the main medallion is not standard, but is chosen by the Club .

The handover for the year 2016-2017

The annual handover between the outgoing and incoming President occurs at the last meeting in June.

At this meeting the outgoing President reviews the year that is past. The handover takes place, and we look forward to a new year.

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